The future of work is play.

The future is now.

Play is serious business.

At Playful Purpose, we're sparking a transformation in the way businesses engage in learning and collaboration. Picture a workspace teeming with creativity, curiosity, and the flexibility to innovate.

Our hands-on playshops and forward-thinking methods are designed to equip you and your organisation with the tools to leverage the dynamic power of play and design thinking. We're all about crafting strategies that drive meaningful growth and positive change.

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How we play...

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Co-Design with you

Where play meets transformation. Our sessions for startups, accelerators, & corporate teams include:

  • High Performing Teams & Resilience
  • Finding Your Next Role with Improv
  • The Power of Status in Meetings
  • AI Meets Applied Improv

Craft a bespoke workshop tailored for you, ensuring a meaningful, fun, and relevant experience.

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Playful performances

Dynamic events that empower startup founders to refine pitches, feel stage-ready, and tell compelling stories. With a focus on preparation and adaptability, these interactive sessions ensure you can handle anything thrown your way.

  • Whose Startup Is It Anyway?
  • Baby Shark Tank
  • Kidsultants (your McKidsey insight)

Embark on a fun, transformative experience to elevate your startup journey!

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Interactive talks

Embark on an exhilarating journey with my dynamic, playful keynotes! Discover the magic of workplace play, unlocking creativity, collaboration, and innovation. Explore applied improv (AI) and artificial intelligence (AI), finding unexpected connections. Enjoy thrilling startup stories, sharing highs, lows, and hilarious mishaps, leaving you inspired and motivated.

Who we’ve played with...

What people are saying...

“Julie builds on her years of experience with startups and corporates in presenting a workshop that is so engaging that you lose track of how much you learn so fast. This is a great workshop ahead of hard conversations and negotiations. Thoroughly recommend.”

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Joanne Jacobs

Co-CEO, Disruptors Co

“Julie led improv games at our executive offsite. I was hesitant this kind of activity would be relevant for team building or our meeting objectives. Despite my scepticism and to my surprise, not only were they fun, they strengthened our ability to collaborate. In the end, I saw the value and was keen to try these exercises with my teams.”

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Freddie Jansen van Nieuwenhuizen

Former Telstra Exec

“You reassured me it was a safe space, and you were 100% right about that. I could feel the love from the room. This is a brilliant format. I can’t wait to see where you take it.”

(On her experience pitching at Whose Startup is It Anyway? show)

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Lisa Erhart

Funding Strategist

From my brain

Writing & Musings

AI in the Park

Our first 'AI (*Applied Improv) in the Park' event, a testament to the power of collaboration and the joy of play.

Frustration Alert! AI, catch up!

Highlighting AI's need to better represent age diversity. Age is an attitude, not a wrinkle count. Let's train our tech to reflect this.

“Whose Startup Is it Anyway?” wrap up!

What happens when improv meets startups? Pure magic & laughter!

My Early Adopter’s Edge

I’ve always been fascinated by the interplay between technology and human PLAYFUL potential. Pioneering Play for Workplace & Tech Innovation

Playing with CSIRO: ON Accelerate

Through a series of serious playful exercises, participants in the program learned new skills and also deepened their understanding of team dynamics and personal impact.

That old imposter voice

I did an Ignite talk. This post is not about the talk. Rather, it’s about the emotional, scary, and thrilling experience planning & delivering it.

About Julie Trell

Julie’s career is a whirlwind adventure packed with fun and creativity. From inner-city teacher to middle school tech guru, she also wore the titles of VP of All Things Fun, Meaningful, & Rewarding, HumanAPI, and Mary Poppins wannabe. Her journey took her from Atlanta and San Francisco to Singapore and Sydney, diving into tech and corporate philanthropy with Salesforce and Workday Foundations.

She came to Australia, to lead Telstra’s startup accelerator, muru-D. Now, as the Chief Play Officer of Playful Purpose, she champions the power and magic of an improv mindset. Julie mixes her love for tech with playful improv, creating a unique blend of AI* and solution-finding with a side effect of fun. She loves working with corporate clients, startups, and VC portfolios to boost productivity, happiness, customer loyalty, and ROI.

*AI -Applied Improv and/or Artificial Intelligence

So, you wanna play?

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